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Our Fees | Welfare Visits and Safety Checks cost £35 - £50 per hour* | Viability Assessment £450 - £700* | Full Assessment £2,000 - £7,000 | Appropriate Adult Service £35 – £50 per hour* | Age Assessment £450 -£700* | ABE Interviews £100* per hour

OFS is an independent provider of Appropriate Adult Services, currently working all over London. We provide services to Independent residential units, independent fostering agencies and care homes, Serious Crime Groups, Youth Offending Teams, Adult Services Teams, Police Stations, Learning Disability Teams, Substance Misuse Teams and Solicitors firms. OFS provides people, who are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Who is an Appropriate Adult?

An appropriate adult is someone who is completely independent of the police and, where possible the interviewee. They have a sound understanding of, and experience or training in, dealing with the needs of children and young people who are in trouble with the law.

We are a London based organisation but are able to provide a service in any area in London and counties around the M25 within a relatively short time. We believe in providing this service so that unnecessary delays caused whilst in custody can be considerably reduced. These delays often lead the interviewee to become unnecessarily stressed, and could in some instances influence the accused into making a premature confession.

Some of the London Boroughs we operate in

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