For free advice on all aspects of Social Services - call 02035814647 (9:00AM - 5:30PM) / 07961296373 (24/7)

Our Fees | Welfare Visits and Safety Checks cost £35 - £50 per hour* | Viability Assessment £450 - £700* | Full Assessment £2,000 - £7,000 | Appropriate Adult Service £35 – £50 per hour* | Age Assessment £450 -£700* | ABE Interviews £100* per hour

OFS is an Independent Social Care Agency run by highly experienced professionals.

OFS has the capacity to assist Local Authority, Private and Voluntary agencies to transport children to and from school. Furthermore, we have fully insured cars available and are able to escort children and young people to any part of the country at any time of the day. All our drivers are DBS checked and have undertaken comprehensive safeguarding training.

They also receive training in the use of appropriate seat belts, safety seats, boosters and restraints to ensure that, the young people they are transporting are safe from harm and danger. They have also undertaken training in safeguarding children so that they are able to manage any information divulged to them in a sensitive and appropriate manner without questioning the child further.

Supervised Contact

OFS provide children with safe and beneficial contact with parents, siblings and other family members in accordance with court order. Contact is facilitated by professionals experienced in working with children and families and come from diverse backgrounds.

Contacts can be arranged at public venues such as theme parks, cinemas, etc, which may be identified by the Social Worker. All our contact and escort personnel are DBS checked and fully insured. We meet the needs of children and families by recruiting professional, competent and experienced staff to reflect the needs of service users.

We are an equal opportunities employer. All contact sessions are recorded and reports produced, if necessary for Court purposes. Staffs have undertaken extensive training so that they are able to produce court reports/statements and give evidence if necessary.


Our fees are negotiable depending on the nature and length of our contract. Please contact the team on 07961296373 for bespoke price.

Some of the London Boroughs we operate in

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