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Our Fees | Welfare Visits and Safety Checks cost £35 - £50 per hour* | Viability Assessment £450 - £700* | Full Assessment £2,000 - £7,000 | Appropriate Adult Service £35 – £50 per hour* | Age Assessment £450 -£700* | ABE Interviews £100* per hour

OFS offers viability and comprehensive assessments in applicant’s home, community or at OFS's office in Putney, South West London. However, all assessments shall include, at least, one visit to the applicant’s home to undertake health and safety checks as well as risk assessment.

OFS prefers assessments taking place in the applicant’s own home because families benefit from being assessed in their environment and communities.

Assessing and supporting children, young people and families in their own homes and communities offers an invaluable opportunity to understand the strengths, stresses and strains of their lives. The Family Assessment Service provides Viability and Comprehensive Assessments where:

Some of the London Boroughs we operate in

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